Copenhagen Cisternerne



A week ago Andrew and I took a trip to the second biggest city in Denmark and the 2017 European Capital of Culture: Aarhus. Dorte Mandrup's recently completed Salling Tower was a must-stop on the trip. Unfortunately the harbor area that the tower perches on is under heavy construction and so the base of the … Continue reading Aarhus

Week 2

A little late on the update, it's been a crazy busy past week at work. I participated in a weekend competition project that kept me up at all hours of the night. Below is a photo I took late one night last week on the way home. Because of the weekend work my bike adventures … Continue reading Week 2

Week 1

Copenhagen becomes infinitely more accessible on a cycle. I spent my first week in the city walking, and walking a lot! It was nice, but you begin to notice how the flat city-scape offers the thousands of cyclers the opportunity to get anywhere in the city quickly. My 55min walk to work needed to be cut down to save my feet and my shoes the wear and tear. And so in classic Copenhagener style, I bought a cycle! This rusty cycle will be my transport for the next 6 months, and a focal piece to the imagery I share. Cheers to week one!